Guide to Renting with Bruach Property

Renting a property has never been easier with Bruach. This guide will take you through the moving experience and help you find your new home as quickly as possible. So, you've found a property to rent and you're one step closer to becoming a tenant.

Advice for tenants

Basic steps to finding the right property

Why rent?

What you need to remember


Bruach Property will be keen to make sure that you are a suitable tenant and that you have the ability to pay your rent, whilst also making sure that you have rented a property without any major problems in the past (if this is applicable).

If you agree, some, or all, of the following documents will be requested by Bruach:

Deposit and costs

The final event in your securing the property is the deposit. This is usually between one and two months' rent and held for the duration of the tenancy. The deposit is a safety net for the landlord to guard against the cost of replacing or repairing property damaged by the renter.


The landlord of the property is responsible for the building and accordingly is required to provide relevant Buildings and Contents Insurance for their own items.

However as a tenant you must insure your own belongings, therefore the landlord cannot and will not be held responsible for any loss suffered by the tenant whatever the circumstances.

Bruach recommend Homelet, who provide a number of insurance products for the property letting market. For further information on their products please click here. ADD LINK

The inventory

This is one of the most important documents in the renting process and can often be key in deciding how much of your deposit you get back at the end of your agreement. You should therefore be extremely thorough and give it your full attention, while taking the necessary precautions to protect your interests.

The inventory is a simple list detailing every item contained within the property and the condition each listed item is in on the day you move in. This will be prepared by either Bruach or the landlord. Either way, you should go round the property with the landlord or agent and agree the state of each item before signing anything. You will be expected to sign the inventory and initial every page, along with the landlord or letting agent. The inventory will then be checked again on the day you are scheduled to move out of the property by the agent or landlord.

Getting expert advice

If you have a question not answered here you can always give us a call 01655 331 616 or click here and fill in contact form and we will call you.